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Long Island Guitar Lessons

For Long Island guitar lessons, you can’t go wrong with Rock-N-Roll University. We are the most advanced and approachable musical teaching institution around; all our instructors are completely dedicated to making the guitar more approachable and easy to learn. Whether you’ve never played the guitar or you’re an experienced session musician, we can always teach you something new. In addition to our committed professional music teachers, we have the facilities and a stock of instruments to choose from should you need one to start jamming. We offer many different settings for our students, from private lessons to group jam sessions for you to rock out with your fellow students of music. Whatever you’re looking for, Rock-N-Roll University is the foremost guitar lesson school on Long Island.

Guitar Lessons Long IslandIf you’re thinking of taking guitar lessons, don’t hesitate to contact us – we teach students of all ages, skill levels, and from all walks of life. Learning to play the guitar is a dream for many people, and we can help to make your dream come true. Learning the basics of guitar can be much more difficult than other instruments, which is why our guitar lessons are specifically tailored to each individual student. When you start your guitar lessons with Rock-N-Roll University, you know that you are getting the best music education possible.
Rock-N-Roll University offers private guitar lessons as both thirty minute and sixty minute sessions. Every student will enjoy private guitar lessons with their instructor, without the distraction of other students. Private guitar lessons are the first step to take on your musical education journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to brush up with one-on-one instruction, our private guitar lessons are the right choice. Our instructors will help students of all ages and skill levels. Anyone who wants to learn the guitar is welcome in our private guitar lessons.

All our students that are still in school will want to hear about our RNRU Opening Act Program. The primary benefit of this program is that the students will get guitar lessons and play as part of a real band. In this program, students will get the opportunity to play the guitar in rehearsals along with other students. When you sign up for the program, each student will be placed in a band with other students to make a well-rounded musical group. In addition to rehearsals, students will also get guitar lessons for thirty minutes with a private tutor once per week. When the program is done, the students will have the chance to play for a live audience as part of the band they’ve practiced with all year. Your student will love this unique opportunity.

We also offer many other programs for guitar lessons. Our RNRU Semester Program is like the Opening Act Program, except it is intended for college students instead of primary through high school students. Students will have access to a sixty-minute private guitar lesson in addition to group rehearsals. Additionally, we offer our RNRU Band Rehearsal Program for our guitar lesson students who already have private instruction. This program allows you to play in a group rehearsal setting, directed by a professional music instructor. For our advanced guitar lesson students, we offer our RNRU Master Sessions and RNRU Adult Jam Sessions. All these programs require an audition. Whatever guitar lesson program fits your needs, you will have the best musical instruction available on Long Island.