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Long Island Piano Lessons

Rock-N-Roll University offers piano lessons for music students all over Long Island. We’re the most advanced and helpful piano lesson musical instruction facility on Long Island. Because we offer instruction to students of all ages and skill levels, our instructors have more experience with every possible combination of factors that make each student unique. When you’re considering piano lessons, either for yourself or your children, you want an instructor who knows how to make your piano lessons enjoyable, and not a source of frustration for anyone. Rock-N-Roll University has the instructors, the facilities, and a full stock of instruments for sale; we are the only stop you will need to make for your piano lessons.

Piano Lessons Long IslandMake Rock-N-Roll University the first call you make when you’re considering piano lessons. Our students include people of all stripes, from brand new students to experienced professionals, and of all ages, from grade school to seniors. Piano lessons have a number of benefits, including improved hand dexterity and the ability to sight read music. We can teach you every aspect of the piano, and have you playing like a pro in no time. Our instructors know how to make each student’s experience as smooth as possible. We want you to fall in love with the instrument, and to truly enjoy your piano lessons.

Rock-N-Roll University provides private piano lessons in sixty minute and thirty minute length sessions. Every student gets private piano lessons, one-on-one with our professional instructors. Without any distractions, private piano lessons are the best way to learn for most students. This makes our private piano lessons the best choice for your first musical experience. However, whether you may be a new student or a professional session musician, private piano lessons will make your musical learning efficient and fun. If you want to learn the piano, you’re always welcome in our private piano lessons.

If you have children in school, or you’re still in school yourself, you’ll be glad to hear about our RNRU Opening Act Program and our RNRU Semester Program. These programs are designed for students to take piano lessons and get experience playing in a band at the same time. Students will have the chance to take piano lessons one-on-one with an instructor once a week as well as play piano in rehearsals with their peers. When you sign up for either program, you will be placed in a balanced group with each instrument represented, so that you can get piano lesson experience playing in a real band. The Opening Act Program is for students up to high school, and the Semester Program is for college students. Both programs require a rehearsal, and end in a live concert with a real audience.
Our piano lesson programs also include our RNRU Band Rehearsal Program for students who have a private instructor and want to play in a real band with their fellow students. We also offer more advanced piano lesson session programs, in our RNRU Master Sessions and RNRU Adult Jam Sessions. These programs require an audition, and allow advanced students to play along with their peers. Whatever program you’re looking for, we can provide the best piano lessons on Long Island.