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Long Island Voice Lessons

Rock-N-Roll University is the premier voice lesson teaching institution, committed to teaching our students the fundamentals of learning how to control their voice. Whether you’re new at voice or you know how to use your voice, we have the teachers and the facilities to make sure your voice lessons are the best around. Whether you would like private lessons or want sing in a group with other musicians in a jam session, Rock-N-Roll University is the best voice lesson institution on Long Island.

Voice Lessons Long IslandAt Rock-N-Roll University, we teach an incredibly diverse array of students, of all walks of life and of all ages. Should voice lessons be your goal, we can help you to achieve it. Other Long Island voice lesson teachers and studios may teach you how to sing on a basic level, but without the experience and commitment of our instructors, your voice lessons will never advance beyond a certain level. Our proven track record of teaching voice lessons proves our dedication to your voice.

We have given singers on Long Island the skills to make their voice dreams come true. In order to help with this goal, we provide an array of voice lessons for you to choose from. We offer private and group voice lessons, as a subset of these we offer: traditional private lessons, jam sessions, band programs, and a university program. Several of our voice lesson programs culminate in a live concert that gives our students the drive and ambition they need to push forward with their learning.

Our private lessons are offered as either 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. Students will receive a private one-on-one weekly voice lesson with one of our professional music teachers. Our private voice lessons are for students of all ages and skill levels, whether you’re just starting out or are already a professional musician.

For your grade school to high school student that wants to rock out as part of a band, consider our RNRU Opening Act Program. This remarkable opportunity offers students the chance to practice their voice along with their fellow students in a band with rehearsals. Students will also receive a thirty minute private voice lesson once per week. In combination with private voice lessons, each student will be placed into a band with group rehearsals, which they will attend once each week. At the end of this program, students will get sing in a concert in front of a live audience as part of this unique life experience. As this is intended for students who already know voice lesson basics, an audition is required.
Our RNRU Semester Program is similar to our Opening Act Program, but for college students instead of grade school through high school students. Instead of a 30-minute private voice lesson, students receive a 60-minute voice lesson. Our RNRU Band Rehearsal Only Program will allow you to play with other students in our performance program, directed by a professional music instructor at our fully stocked facility. Designed for students with private tutors, we require an audition to enter this program. For our most advanced students, we offer RNRU Master Sessions and RNRU Adult Jam Sessions for both intermediate and advanced adult voice lesson students. Whatever you choose, our voice lessons, taught by professional musical instructors, will make you fall in love with your own voice.