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Hello Gentlemen!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you to you all of you and acknowledge Therese.
Monique has been with you guys since June. Everyone, including the students have been wonderful to her and embraced her. She looks forward to Mondays and has a blast every week all of the Directors as well.
What I am most impressed with is how she has bonded with Therese. She not only takes her out of her comfort zone and pushes her to be a better performer, she is has also become a trusted advisor and friend. I have never seen such a bond form or such improvement in a relatively short period of time. Her self-esteem has improved tremendously and she has remained humble, what a nice combination! My family and I very grateful for Therese. We are so happy they were paired together and Monique absolutely loves everything about Therese!
Usually, you may get issues or complaints from parents. You deal with our kids and their issues for 2-3 hours a day several days a week and that is not easy in any way. Thank you very much for all that you and I can’t thank you enough for Therese!!