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Hi Bill,

These kids are just too much!!! We totally owe their new friendships with their bandmates, and their exciting rock and roll lifestyle to RNRU, for sure.
Wouldn’t have met the Niederauers if my buddy Sly didn’t BEG me to take my kids over there and check it out…Sly was on my case for months to go over and meet Bill and sign the kids out…I finally listened to him and for once he was right. haha! just joking.
My kids for damn sure wouldn’t be playing their instruments in front of other human beings if the Friday Night program didn’t exist. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the program…and to be honest, I appreciate it more for the confidence it gave my kids than anything else…sure they can play…i have talented kids, no doubt about it…but without the confidence to play with others and play in front of a crowd and the courage to make mistakes, they would just be playing in the basement, being talented with no one listening, and too afraid to come out and play.
I’ve said it to whoever will listen, RNRU has been life changing for my kids.

Thanks so much,