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Virginia Cardiello

Music has been an important part of her life from a very early age. As a music teacher, she strive to bring her passion and love for music into each student’s lesson, hoping to instill that same enthusiasm and eagerness into their musical endeavors.

She was very fortunate to grow up in a musical family, her Father being a musician and music teacher, as well. So, she always studied with esteemed music teachers. At the age of four, she started taking organ and piano lessons. During elementary school, she played the clarinet; junior high, she started playing the oboe and studied with Nick Apostle, a Broadway oboist; high school, she started doubling as a woodwind player in the High School pit orchestras, playing oboe, english horn, clarinet, and saxophone.

She obtained a Master of Arts Degree from Hofstra University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from Hofstra University, studying oboe with Whitney Tustin. Virginia was also a dual performance major in oboe and piano at SUNY Purchase.

She has taught elementary school band, elementary school vocal music, and elementary school choir in the public school system for 20 plus years.

In addition, she has extensive experience preparing woodwind, brass, vocal, and piano students for successful participation in the NYSSMA Solo Music Festivals. All her students always score outstanding and excellent in all the festivals. She also has extensive experience preparing students for successful participation in SCMEA Music Festival, as well.

Virginia is also a professional performer as the Principal oboist in the North Shore Pops Concert Band, oboist with Senior Pops Orchestra, oboist in Northport Community Band, oboist and vocalist with St.Thomas of Canterbury Church choir, and a woodwind doubler in pit orchestras (oboe, clarinet, saxophone, english horn) in various local theaters on Long Island.

We at Rock-n-Roll University enjoy the benefit of watching her share her expertise and experience with each student, as they can expand upon their musical capabilities.

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